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Synchronic activities:

Shanghai International Metal Sheet Cutting and Forming Equipment Procurement Conference
Laser, plasma welding cutting, welding robot system, CNC punch press
 Steel special equipment, sheet shearing, sheet metal stitching, forming equipment
Equipment preferential display area: exhibitors metal sheet processing equipment brand enterprises can participate in new technology and new products to promote such preferential treatment
Equipment procurement promotion (supply and demand docking)        New technology new equipment promotion meeting Personalized invitations
 Visitors to the free shuttle  Equipment procurement special Large signing ceremony
 Exhibition Best Organization Award
Shanghai International Metal Sheet, Sheet Metal Parts, Stamping Parts Trading Conference
Purchaser area: the organizers invited from the various sectors of the metal sheet, sheet metal parts, stamping parts product end users, plans to release the procurement plan in the General Assembly, the meeting with a number of suppliers face to face negotiations, you can free to the organizers Apply for a separate reception area, the procurement area on the backplane by the organizers printed procurement and tender plans.
Area: 1800 square buyers to discuss the reception area (about 280 terminal buyers)
 Ordinary buyers: 4 square meters (a backplane, a negotiating table, four to discuss the chair)
 Brand buyers: 10 square meters (three backplane, three negotiating table, ten negotiating chair)
Consumers: elevator manufacturers, home air conditioning, central air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, restaurant display cabinets, disinfection cabinet, microwave ovens, ovens, water heaters, rice cookers, metal containers; distribution cabinets, switchgear, insurance Cabinets, cabinets, console; metal packaging, cans, food baking equipment, range hoods, stove, cooking utensils, steamer; supermarket storage counters, vending machines; two rounds of three (electric car motorcycle) Passenger cars, agricultural vehicles, fuel tanks, water tanks, construction machinery, shipbuilding; metal doors; boilers, ventilation equipment; metal cabinets, stainless steel utensils, solar energy, metal processing.