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MTM Shanghai Metallurgical Exhibition / Steel Fair / Steel E

MTM 2015
The 18th Shanghai International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition
The 10th Shanghai International Steel Pipe Industry Exhibition
Tenth Shanghai International Steel Exhibition
The 10th Shanghai International Metal Industry Exhibition
Has been perfect today ended
As a steel metallurgy, steel structure, metal materials industry chain business negotiations, international exchanges and brand display as one of the professional platform, MTM 2015 today ended successfully!
This exhibition is more professional, more oriented, more humane service, not only attracted many domestic buyers intention to purchase the professional audience, but also from foreign buyers competing attention.
Thank you for your support for three days of promotion! Let's take a moment to look back at the moments of MTM 2015!
The same time as the above-
Thank each exhibitor, the audience, the cooperation unit, the supplier's strong support and small partners to pay hard! At the bottom of the steel industry today, we will continue to work hard to do well and be accountable to our customers. As Xu Lejiang chairman said, "This is a worst of times, is also a best time."