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Shenshi exhibition help the China Metallurgical Society 2015

April 9, 2015, China Metal Society 2015 meeting held in Changshu, Jiangsu successfully held. China Metallurgical Society, chairman of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, deputy director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Bureau of Civil Affairs Li Yong, vice president of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology Fan Wei, China Metallurgical Society Secretary-General Zhao Pei attended the meeting and made a report. More than 140 academicians from professional clubs, local societies, and unit member contacts attended the meeting.
Chairman Mao Yong made a special report on the modern iron and steel industry under the low-carbon economy and ecological steel products (steel industry transformation thinking), focusing on the large data on the steel industry, an important supporting role in the transition, pointed out that the era of large data, Competition is no longer a simple competition between enterprises, but the platform and the competition between the ecosystem, build platform economy is the only way to transform the development of the steel industry.
Zhao Pei, Secretary-General made a report entitled "grasp the new normal, into a new state, a comprehensive work to create a new situation," the work of a comprehensive summary of the 2014 Institute of the headquarters, professional clubs and local society to carry out the work, Focused on positioning and deployment in 2015. Li Yong, deputy director of the social organization for the development and management of the report on the national social reform and development of the latest development and forthcoming policies, systems and norms, such as a comprehensive and detailed interpretation. Vice Minister Fan Wei on the relationship between the Association for Science and Technology, as well as "China Association for Science and Technology on the implementation of the Institute of innovation and service capacity to enhance the views of the project" to support the "1 +7" key and brand work in detail. Zhang Miao, secretary general of Shanghai Metals Society, briefed delegates on the innovation and preparation of the 18th Shanghai International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition. Finally, the General Assembly arranged for the work report group discussion, and the work of the Institute comments and suggestions.
The conference work was undertaken by the Shanghai International Metallurgical Exhibition (MTM 2015) organizer Shenshi Exhibition Company. The Shenshi Exhibition was established with a mature business organization system and good teamwork ability. The meeting was successfully held and won the meeting. Praise.