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Two will be a comprehensive promotion




      Will be the first session of the Tenth China Iron and Steel Annual Conference and the sixth session of the Baosteel Academic Annual Conference, the 18th Shanghai International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition), the second comprehensive promotion will be held on the morning of March 5 in Baosteel Technology Center conference room The




       Leaders attended the meeting were Deputy General Manager of Baosteel Group Cui Jian, former deputy general manager Li Haiping, Deputy Secretary-General of China Metals Society Ni Weiming, secretary of the Shanghai Metals Society Zhang Miao, Baosteel Metals Society Secretary-General Tuaxi Mei, Shen Shi Exhibition General Manager Cao Xiangjun The




      At the meeting, we will report and discuss the progress of the work of the annual meeting, the progress of the exhibition and the progress of the exhibition.