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Shanghai Metal Society of the tenth session of the Council a

February 6, 2015, the Shanghai Metals Society of the seventh session of the seven plenary session of the Shanghai Jing'an District CITIC Pacific Plaza, 15th floor, multi-function hall was held.
       The meeting was chaired by Li Haiping, vice president of Shanghai Metals Society and vice president of Baosteel Group. Vice Chairman of Shanghai Metals Institute / Vice President of Shanghai Second Industrial University Qu Zhihao, Chairman of CITIC Pacific Group, Xie Wei, Assistant President of Shanghai University Office Director Zhai Qijie, Baosteel Steel Pipe Steel Division responsible person, on the steel pipe group chairman Ji Xuewen, Shenhua Steel General Manager Gong Hongliang and other members of the Tenth Plenary attended the meeting.
    The meeting mainly listened to the preliminary work arrangement of the Shanghai Metals Society in 2015 and the preparation report of the Tenth China Iron and Steel Conference and the 6th Annual Meeting of the Baosteel Academic Conference, the MTMEXPO series exhibition, and the further preparations for the next preparatory work The discussions were started and deployed in full.
     Zhang Miao Secretary-General at the meeting clear the biennial "two show" the importance of the metallurgical industry event. International and domestic business leaders, science and technology elite will gather together, high-end forums, professional forums, academic exchanges, analysis of industry trends, to discuss the development of industry plans to explore win-win cooperation. The exhibition is expected to have more than 700 domestic and foreign manufacturers exhibitors, 45,000 square meters exhibition area, 25000 spectators. Shanghai's "two sessions of a show" international, domestic visibility, influence will be further improved, as the industry development vane, the industry innovation and cooperation platform.
    Baosteel Metallurgical Society of the Secretary-General, Baosteel Academic Annual Meeting of the Preparatory Committee Tuoxi Mei introduced the "China Iron and Steel Annual Meeting," "Baosteel Society Annual Meeting," the preparatory progress, the two sessions for the first time jointly organized, is expected to attract more than 1,000 people Will, which China Metallurgical Council will also be held over the same period, is expected to represent more than 200 members of the board, the current first round of notice has been issued, the paper has been fully solicited, has now accepted online registration. Http://bac.baosteel.com
     Shanghai Second University of Technology Vice President Qu Zhihao, Shanghai University President Assistant Zhai Qijie said the exhibition, the meeting combined with college teachers and students is very innovative, during the period will focus on the organization of materials and exhibition professional teachers and students into the "two sessions "From the volunteers began to start, so that students early access to industry enterprises, lay the foundation for graduation employment.
    CITIC Pacific Steel Group President Xie Wei commitment will actively support the 18th Shanghai International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition exhibitors, participants, CITIC Pacific Steel Group will bring CITIC Metal, CITIC Heavy Industry formed a joint exhibition, focusing on the CITIC Group in the industry Of the achievements, Xie Wei, president of the industry on the next development made an important exposition.
    Participated in the university leaders and entrepreneurs have "two sessions of a show" offer advice and suggestions, the iron and steel industry, new energy-saving technology and the future direction of the development of the steel industry to discuss the new direction.