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Handan to ensure that this year to reduce steel production 3

May 3, Handan City, held a comprehensive treatment of air pollution congress, proposed to strengthen tackling governance, and resolutely lay the blue sky to defend the war to ensure that this year's PM2.5 concentration decreased by 20% in 2016, winter heating period fell 16% Reduce the consumption of 300 million tons of coal, the new afforestation of 66 million mu. At the meeting, Handan City introduced the "strong progress in the comprehensive management of air pollution advice" and 29 special action to implement the program, hit the coal, gifted enterprises, control cars, dust suppression, governance, by green combination boxing.
Remediation of coal pollution. Before the end of October, Handan main city within the scope of centralized heating and key enterprises in addition to raw materials, the ban on other coal transportation, storage, sales and use, to achieve scattered coal "cleared." Out of coal-fired boilers (stoves) 2220 units, and then complete the 39,000 residents to implement the "coal to gas (electricity)" or "coal to clean energy." Out of a number of production capacity to supporting enterprises generating units, illegal construction of thermal power units. Increase the supply of clean energy, multi-channel expansion of natural gas sources, pipeline gas supply capacity in 2020 more than 2.5 billion cubic meters.
Strengthen the prevention and control of industrial pollution. To promote the reduction of production capacity of key industries, before the end of June 2017, all shut down to ban the "land steel", reduce steel production capacity of 3.54 million tons, 1.84 million tons of iron, coal 1.75 million tons. The implementation of industrial enterprises relocation and transformation, to speed up the East Henan Iron and Steel plant coking plant relocation, the end of September before the vertical and horizontal steel shut down in 2020 to complete the relocation of 28 enterprises to withdraw from the city. 29 steel enterprises, 27 coking enterprises implemented a total of 390 governance projects to ensure that industrial pollution sources discharge standards. Focus on remediation "scattered pollution" enterprises, before the end of June to achieve "clear".
Control vehicle exhaust. Optimize the organizational structure of transport, the establishment of coal transport vehicles dedicated line, vigorously develop green logistics. To promote the old motor vehicle out of the implementation of the heating period of normalized motor vehicle tail number limit line. Speed up the upgrading of oil quality, strict crackdown on the sale of poor oil products, refined oil business station sampling coverage of 100%.
Promote dust comprehensive treatment. Construction of the implementation of material stacking 100% coverage, the construction site 100% hardening of the road, such as "six hundred percent" management, strict management of slag transport. Increase the road dust control, 2017 the main city road mechanization cleaning rate of 80%, county-level cities up to 70%. Before the end of the year, iron and steel, cement and other industries to achieve standardized management of material pile, powder materials, closed storage and transportation.
Remediation open pit mine. Suspension of new open-air mining rights approval, has been set to expose the construction of the mine shall not continue. 30 responsible for the loss of the main body of the mine to repair green. Strengthen the dynamic monitoring, improve the frequency of inspections, crackdown on illegal mining and other illegal acts.
Promote urban and rural areas by green. Continued to carry out the "Green US Handan" construction, the implementation of Taihang Mountains greening, urban greening, corridor greening and other projects, 2017 to complete the afforestation 66 million mu, by 2020 the forest coverage rate of 35%. Strengthen the protection of wetlands, explore the establishment of wetland ecological compensation system, focusing on Yongnianwa and other wetland protection and repair, 2017 the city's wetland area of not less than 25.3 million mu, wetland protection rate of 40%.
To continuously improve the air quality, Handan City will also improve the joint defense control, emergency response, peak production and other mechanisms, crackdown on stealing and stealing, excessive emissions and other environmental violations, to maintain regulatory high pressure situation. Strengthen the supervision of accountability, according to the time node to carry out special supervision and inspection. The implementation of air quality composite index and improve the rate of double ranking, strict implementation of the air quality of ecological compensation withholding.
Source: China Steel Online