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Henan released a new version of approved investment projects

On April 26, the Henan Provincial Government Office officially issued the Notice on Releasing the Catalog of Investment Projects Approved by the Government (Henan Province, 2017) (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"). This is the second time after 2015, Henan Province, once again approved by the government approved investment projects directory. "Notice" stressed that to further strict implementation of electrolytic aluminum and other overcapacity contradictions.
According to the "Notice of the State Council on the Publication of the Catalog of Investment Projects Approved by the State Council (2016)", in combination with the actual situation of Henan Province, the "government approved investment projects directory (Henan Province 2017)" clarified the agricultural water conservancy, energy, transportation , The information industry, raw materials, machinery manufacturing, light industry, high-tech, urban construction, social undertakings, foreign investment, overseas investment in 12 areas of business investment projects approved scope and authority.
Henan Province Development and Reform Commission responsible comrades introduced, the amendment is to implement the central and Henan provincial government on deepening investment and financing reform strategy of the specific arrangements for further strengthening the decentralization of decentralization, reorganization combined to optimize the service reform , It is of great significance to change the functions of government investment management, establish the main position of enterprise investment, and fully stimulate the market main body to expand reasonable and effective investment and innovate entrepreneurial vitality.
"Notice" stressed that the steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, flat glass, ships and other serious overcapacity industry projects, all localities and departments should strictly implement the "State Council on the resolve of serious contradictions in the production capacity of the guidance" (Guo Fa [2013] 41 ), Shall not be any other name, any way for the record of new capacity projects, the relevant departments and agencies shall not apply for land supply, assessment, EIA approval and additional credit support and other related business.
"Notice" requirements, departments at all levels should be in accordance with who who is the supervisor who supervises, who supervises the principle of supervision, actively explores innovative ways of supervising the law, strengthens the matter in ex post supervision, and effectively implements the regulatory responsibility.
Source: China Steel Online