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The largest scale of environmental protection in the history

      5600 environmental law enforcement officers to participate, for one year, the history of environmental protection in the history of the largest national level start.
Reporters on the 5th was informed that the Ministry of Environmental Protection decided to carry out a one-year air pollution prevention and control to strengthen the implementation of local party committees and governments and relevant departments of air pollution prevention and control responsibilities and corporate environmental compliance responsibility to promote the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas continue to improve the quality of atmospheric environment The
On the same day, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection Zhai Qing in Beijing to support the video conference, the investigation work to mobilize the deployment. Which referred to, focus on large enterprises of the discharge standards, and earnestly supervise the implementation of the sewage permit system and a comprehensive discharge plan.
Reporters learned that the first quarter of 2017 air quality special inspection action since the momentum of deterioration of air pollution has been a certain containment, the city air quality have improved year on year. In order to continue to consolidate and expand the victories, to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of the atmospheric environment, the Ministry of Environmental Protection from the country deployed 5600 environmental law enforcement officers, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding transmission channel "2 + 26" city for one year of air pollution control Supervision. Through the heavy attack, layers of air pollution prevention and control pressure to ensure that the division of labor to ground effect; increase efforts to combat environmental violations, to achieve normalization of law-abiding; innovative regional regulatory approach to improve the overall level of environmental law enforcement.
The strengthening of supervision is the history of environmental protection, the national level directly organized by the largest scale of action, mainly on the seven aspects of supervision, including the relevant local governments and relevant departments to implement air pollution prevention and control tasks, fixed pollution source environmental protection facilities And the discharge of the "peak source" automatic monitoring facilities, networking and operation, "scattered pollution" enterprise investigation, banned the situation, the peak peak production enterprises to stop production, limited production measures, involving volatile organic pollutants corporate governance facilities Installation and operation. Through the supervision, grasping, grasping fine, do a good job in the 2017 government work report, "the atmosphere of ten", "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution control measures to strengthen (2016-2017)" and "Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding area 2017 atmosphere Pollution prevention and control work program "to determine the various tasks for the full realization of regional and local air quality improvement objectives to provide protection, and further promote the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development.
According to reports, the strengthening of supervision and clarification of the five key, one is to highlight the pressure transmission, closely around the local party committees, governments and relevant departments of the implementation of air pollution control responsibility to carry out "systematic" supervision, and always maintain a high pressure situation, To urge the local government, especially the grassroots level and the relevant departments to implement the purpose of environmental responsibility. Second, adhere to the problem-oriented, where there is a problem where to supervise the inspection, and hold the problem until the problem is resolved. Third, clearly focus on supervision, in the "Governor", to highlight the county party committees and governments to implement the responsibility of air pollution prevention and control work, the implementation of the situation; in the "Governor", to focus on large enterprises discharge standards, serious Supervise the implementation of the sewage permit system and a comprehensive standard discharge plan, while thorough investigation of "scattered pollution" corporate governance and banned the situation. Fourth, strengthen the rectification and implementation of the problems found in the inspection will increase the supervision of the implementation of the responsibility to the people, the written feedback rectification situation, one by one to resolve the sales number; at the same time instructed the relevant aspects of further investigation and handling, accountability and regular Social openness. Five is to ensure the quality of supervision, law enforcement will be strict, illegal, on the existence of environmental problems of enterprises (units) will not tolerate, promptly asked the local environmental protection departments to investigate and collect evidence, according to the law to be punished.
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