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Part of the steel prices rose one thousand yuan a year, stee

Since the first half of last year, benefiting from the supply side reform, eliminate backward production capacity and a series of measures, steel prices began to recover. To rebar, for example, last year on March 9 the average price of 2475 yuan / ton, this year on March 9, has risen to 3852 yuan / ton, up 35%.
        Benefit from the rise in steel prices, steel prices last year, the performance has improved significantly in 2015, Nanjing Iron and Steel shares, Liu Gang shares and \ * ST steel were a loss of 2.432 billion yuan, 1.189 billion yuan and 2.596 billion yuan, and last year Three steel enterprises were achieved profit of 350 million yuan, 185 million yuan and 101 million yuan.
According to "Securities Daily" reporter through the agency statistics, as of now China's 36 listed steel enterprises have 13 released last year's annual report or performance Express, of which 11 net profit of over 100 million yuan, and there is no loss of the enterprise. 
Steel enterprises profit significantly improved
From the company's specific situation, the listed steel enterprises in the three steel Min light current profit the highest. According to the company's performance Express, 2016 to achieve operating income of 14.534 billion yuan, up 15.88%; is expected to belong to the parent company owner net profit of 922 million yuan, up 199.33%. At the same time, the announcement shows that the total assets of the company at the end of 2016 was 12.571 billion yuan, up 76.46% from the beginning of the period; the total liabilities was 5.263 billion yuan, down 3.87% from the beginning of the period.
For the reasons for the performance changes, three steel Min light side, said the supply side of the steel contraction, the market competition environment tends to be fair, steel product prices continue to rise. At the same time, the company successfully implemented a major asset restructuring, and raise matching funds 3 billion yuan, a better improvement of the capital structure, reducing the cost of capital.
According to the annual report of Nanjing Iron and Steel shares, the company's total operating income of 24.174 billion yuan, up 8.64%; net profit of 354 million yuan, compared with a loss of 2.432 billion yuan last year. The rise in net profit is driven by the increase in sales and selling prices of steel and the reduction of processes. As of December 31, 2016, China Steel Association China's steel price index CSPI was 99.51 points, up 44.39 points over the beginning, or 71.21%.
Not only the Nanjing Iron and Steel shares to improve the operating conditions, the overall situation of the domestic market began to improve. According to China Steel Association statistics, 2016 large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises total sales revenue reached 2.80 trillion yuan, down 1.81%, the total profit from the loss of $ 84.7 billion in 2015 to profit of 30.378 billion yuan, the domestic steel industry as a whole The profitability.
In 2016, the steel industry began to go to the process of production capacity, but according to the National Bureau of Statistics data, China's crude steel, pig iron, steel production in 2016 were 808 million tons, 701 million tons, 1.139 billion tons, respectively, year on year increase of 1.24% 0.74%, 2.30%; China's crude steel production accounted for 49.6% of global production, an increase of 0.2 percentage points; domestic crude steel consumption of 709 million tons, an increase of 2.08%. Visible production capacity does not directly affect the steel industry output, so the price surge should be closely related to the demand for floating.
According to the Southern Steel shares this year, a quarterly notice shows that the company is expected in the first quarter of 2017 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 400 million yuan to 500 million yuan, a substantial increase year on year.
For the main reason for the increase in performance, the company said that since 2017, steel prices remain at a high level. At the same time, the company continued to optimize the "high-efficiency production, low-cost manufacturing" special steel system, so a substantial increase in profit year on year.
Steel prices or continue to rise
March 5, this year's government work report clearly pointed out that "this year to reduce steel production capacity of about 50 million tons, out of coal production capacity of 150 million tons." At the same time, to eliminate, stop building, slow coal mining capacity of more than 50 million kilowatts , To prevent the settlement of coal overcapacity risk, improve the efficiency of coal industry, clean energy development for the space.
March 6, the 12th National People 's Congress five meeting press conference held a press conference, invited the National Development and Reform Commission leaders on the "economic and social development and macro - control" related issues to answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Among them, to focus on production capacity, 2017 steel production capacity target of about 50 million tons, but also continue to next year to production capacity.
Steel spot market in the production capacity policy continued to overweight and infrastructure boost, the supply and demand fundamentals are good, domestic steel prices rose more than a thousand dollars last year, based on this year has continued to rise sharply.
Although this year's target than last year, the actual completion of the amount of steel production capacity of 65 million tons, coal production capacity of 290 million tons has been reduced, but taking into account last year to remove the majority of steel production capacity is invalid, production is still high, this year the supply side to the production capacity is expected Going further in the substantive direction, especially the steel production capacity will be completely removed in the first half, the market supply will have a substantial impact.
With the market into the "Golden Three Silver four" consumption season, the demand for further improvement is expected. Supply level Development and Reform Commission clearly in the first half of the total ban on the production of construction steel industry frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace capacity, and the two sessions during the Huzhou Iron and Steel Company limited production 50%, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection from time to time environmental protection, the overall supply will have an impact, Especially the supply of construction steel will still be significantly inhibited.