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Dunhuang Airport T2 terminal renovation project recently lau

      Recently, the reporter learned from the Dunhuang Airport, T2 terminal demolition work is in full swing, after the transformation of the T2 terminal building style will be built with the T3 station to be consistent, in August will be international The new look of the building is put into use.
Reporters learned that, T2 terminal renovation work since February 8 this year began construction, the current internal facilities have been fully emptied, the demolition work is nearing completion, build scaffolding, construction waste removal and other work are carried out simultaneously. Dunhuang Airport stakeholders, in addition to T2 terminal transformation, the special garage, air catering, medical rescue center, fire rescue center and other 8 facilities to synchronize the construction of some projects in May this year will be completed and completed acceptance.
Reporters learned that the Dunhuang airport expansion project, in accordance with the 2025 passenger throughput to meet the 96 million passengers, cargo and mail throughput of 1700 tons of target design, the flight zone level will be raised from 4C to 4D and meet the E class aircraft alternate. The expansion of the airport includes the removal of the new 10,400 square meters of T3 terminal, this year will extend the east runway 600 meters to 3400 meters, the expansion of the ramp to 21 aircraft, the transformation of T2 terminal for the international Machine building. At the same time, the renovation of the airport communications and navigation, navigation lights and other facilities, supporting the construction of airport freight, production and life assistance, fire rescue, water supply and other facilities.