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65 million tons of capacity to be removed after the steel co

Abstract: Hebei last year to make great efforts to produce capacity, but GDP growth has reached 6.8%, fiscal revenue growth of 7.6%, even higher than the national level. This shows that the production capacity on the surface is doing subtraction, but in fact is done addition.
"The day before meeting the representatives of the two provinces, they said to thank Hebei, because the steel plant last year to make money, and paid a lot of taxes. A steel factory paid 5 million, another steel factory paid 10 million. March 6, Hebei delegation of the group meeting, the National People's Congress, Hebei Province Governor Zhang Qingwei said.
The reason why to make money, because the production capacity to achieve results. In 2016, the annual withdrawal of steel production capacity of more than 65 million tons, coal production capacity of more than 290 million tons, exceeding the annual objectives and tasks.
Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report said that in 2017, but also to reduce the steel production capacity of about 50 million tons, out of coal production capacity of more than 150 million tons, while to phase out, stop building, slow construction of coal production capacity of more than 50 million kilowatts , For the development of clean energy vacant space.
To the production capacity is actually added
National People's Congress, Zhejiang yuan legislature Metal Products Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Ye Xinhua told the "China Times" reporter last year, steel production capacity has achieved remarkable results.
National People's Congress, Hebei Yong Yang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Du Qing Shen also said that in 2016, the steel market situation is good, first, because the upgrade after the improvement of product quality, and second, because the original inventory to go almost, Outside demand, now is the basic balance of supply and demand, so the steel market is good, the profits have a best effect.
Coal, the National People's Congress, China Pingmei Shenma Group Chairman Liang Tieshan said that although the coal production capacity by 1/9, but by optimizing the industrial structure and seize the opportunity to pick up the coal market, operating income but a certain growth, , Refined coal prices than the previous year to achieve a substantial increase in the fourth quarter in one fell swoop to achieve a profitability.
Zhang Qingwei said that in the past steel production capacity, the price does not increase; in Hebei to implement the production capacity, the steel industry in all aspects of the structure is more reasonable. Of course there are other factors, but to productivity measures contributed to it.
NPC Standing Committee, deputy director of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Zhang Yunchuan said that building a factory difficult to go to a factory more difficult. Micro perspective, to the production capacity is really painful, but the whole industry is good. Hebei last year to make great efforts to capacity, but GDP growth has reached 6.8%, fiscal revenue growth of 7.6%, even higher than the national level. This shows that the production capacity on the surface is doing subtraction, but in fact is done addition.
Not to the bar to live space
National People's Congress, Hebei aspect Steel Group Chairman Sun Ji wood said that Hebei current coke production capacity of about 100 million tons, according to plan, by 2020, reduced by 50 million tons. Iron and steel, according to "6643" plan, to 2017 by 60 million tons, leaving nearly 200 million tons of production capacity.
"If the per ton of iron in accordance with the need for 500 kilograms of coke, the 200 million tons of steel production capacity also needs about 100 million tons of coke production; Hebei Province to produce capacity, the actual production of coke has less than 100 million tons in the future, Hebei Province may have to go to Shanxi to buy coke, which will not only increase the transport costs of iron and steel enterprises (about 100 yuan per ton of coke freight), will also cause pollution in the traffic link. "Therefore, he proposed to suspend the coke to the production capacity.
Ye Xinhua found that with the return of steel prices, rising, and some "medium frequency furnace steel" production enterprises have the rise of the phenomenon, they encountered in the inspection, the use of electric furnace production of special steel, not check, the use of IF furnace production " Land steel ".
Similar to the production enterprises in order to profit, investment launched 70 tons, 80 tons of so-called "in line with national industrial policy," the large electric furnace, forming a new wave of steel production capacity expansion.
Ye Xinhua reported to the reporter, the formal smelting enterprises in the steel, must go through the melting period, oxidation period, the reduction period and other links, but the steel is not oxidation and other links, directly out, although the cost is reduced, but the quality is also Will be greatly reduced, each use of the steel works, are buried hidden. He also said that "land steel" enterprises still exist tax evasion, serious pollution, resulting in unfair market competition and other issues.
"" Government Work Report "proposed that this year to reduce steel production capacity of about 50 million tons, launched a large electric furnace and the general direction is the opposite." Ye Xinhua said. He believes that the relevant state departments should further strengthen the accountability, not to "medium frequency furnace steel" opportunity to ensure that the steel industry health, stability and sustainable development.
At the end of last year, the State Council sent 12 supervisory groups, to carry out the fight against clean-up "land steel" special inspectors, the intensity of the unprecedented unprecedented, and achieved good results, Ye Xinhua said happily: "I would like to thumb!
The hardest stages have been spent
"Government Work Report" pointed out that in 2017, we must strictly implement the environmental protection, energy consumption, quality, safety and other relevant laws and regulations and standards, more use of market-based rule of law, effective disposal of "zombie enterprises" to promote mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy Liquidation, and resolutely eliminate non-compliance of backward production capacity, and strictly control the excess industry on the new production capacity.
At the same time, to the production capacity must be placed workers, the central government special funds to be paid in a timely manner, local and enterprises to implement the relevant funds and measures to ensure that the diversion of workers have a way out, life is guaranteed.
Zhang Qingwei also said that this year or to unswervingly to the production capacity, so that the benefits of the entire industry increased in order to make the supply side of the reform has a way out. In addition to going to production capacity, but also new education. Such as Handan Iron and Steel, continue to develop new products, more and more confidence.
Duqing Shen told the "China Times" reporter, 2017, their enterprises out of all the equipment to be removed, all transferred to the special steel, improve product quality. All environmental protection equipment, such as dust, desulfurization, denitrification equipment, all the transformation, all emissions must meet the national standards and environmental requirements.
"We have now invested more than a dozen to transform, the end of July 2017 to complete the task of capacity reduction efforts." He said, "the most difficult stage of overpowering excess capacity has passed.
Coal, March 7, the National Development and Reform Commission Economic Operation Regulatory Bureau of the relevant person in charge of the current coal market supply and other information, told reporters that 2017 is no longer necessary to implement a large range of coal mine production measures.
"From the current situation, a number of ineffective, inefficient capacity to speed out the exit, illegal construction of coal mines and super capacity to produce a strong containment, coal market supply and demand has been significantly improved." He said.
Liao Qingxuan, former director of the National People's Congress and Chongqing Municipal People's Congress, told reporters that it suggested that the government should reduce the way of administrative production, and use market-oriented means to improve the environmental standards and strictly enforce the law so that the market through the competitive survival of the fittest The