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Xiangtan 2017 plans to invest 7 billion yuan to build 59 tra

    February 28, a total length of 52.529 km, a total investment of 3.5 billion, across the county and one city two cities G320 Xiangtan around the city line three projects started, opened in 2017 "beautiful Xiangtan smooth traffic" construction Big screen, a series of major transport projects will be handed over to the substantive results of the respondents.
This year, Xiangtan City will focus on building the expressway, intercity channel, secondary highway, provincial highway, rural road, rural road, bridge, security, global tourism, passenger terminal to take the water port port 12 categories of 59 " Smooth traffic "project, plans a total investment of 7 billion yuan. Before the end of the year, 40% of the project will be completed and accepted, half of the project will be completed in 2017 annual plan, a small number of projects are still seize the demolition, and strive to start during the year. At present, the transportation sector is accelerating the advance of the tan line and the preliminary procedures and planning and demonstration work of the Shaowu line, and strives to start the project of the Tianhua Line (including the Division Bridge) in March.