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Mozambique will build a 500,000-ton scale steel plant to dri

       (PAULO AUADE), speaking in the provincial council on Tuesday, said the province would be in the REVOBUE INDUSTRIAL FREE ZONE (PAVO AUADE), the governor of the western province of Mozambique, ) To build a 500,000-ton scale steel plant.
The planned steel plant covers an area of 4484 hectares and is expected to go into production by 2020. The factory investment is CAPITOL steel company, the British BAOBAB resource company in Mozambique agent. Thailand's steel plant, BAOBAB resources company committed to invest 770 million US dollars, accounting for 87%, the World Bank-owned international financial companies accounted for 13%.
The Leverbühl Industrial Free Zone is located between the MOATIZE region and the CHIUTA region. The purpose of the Leverbühl Industrial Free Zone is to promote the development of the steel industry in Mozambique and to drive more industries such as cement, vehicles, railways and steel pipes to create more jobs.