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Black electronic disk suffered heavy losses in China steel p

Today, the black electronic disk suffered heavy losses, the overall price fell sharply, the period of volume, due to the fundamentals of the weak fundamentals, the late closure of the daily limit, the remaining varieties of snail as a result of heavy volume to lighten up, Ju Yinxian led to the previous trend was completely destroyed. The spot market is also bearish, the strip will fall sharply in early trading, steel slump trading downturn in the afternoon fell, finished product market high turnover was light, intraday prices continue to decline, prices have dropped significantly around. At present, the market demand for good holiday is expected to fall, today the level of demand continued to decline, although the overall inventory is still low, but the downturn in the market demand for changes in the market trend is expected to short-term domestic steel prices were weak shock state.
Focus today
Macro hot spots
1, [the majority of intraday futures fell, iron ore, rubber, hot volume, Zheng alcohol main closed limit] rebar, coke closed down 6%, coke fell 5.8%, Shanghai nickel fell 4.4%, glass, Down over 3%, Shanghai zinc, ferrosilicon, Zheng coal, Shanghai lead fell more than 2%, Shanghai gold, Shanghai tin, plastic fell 1%. Sugar, Zheng cotton closed up.
2, [stock index finished lower all day, Xiong'an District, the implementation of roller coaster market]
3, [the Commission responded to the decline in new shares performance: depending on the circumstances]
4, [SFC recently talk about the major brokerage firms, requiring clean-up capital pool debt products]
Raw materials
National billet market ups and downs are: Tangshan billet fell 90 yuan / ton, Jiangsu fell 50 yuan / ton, Shandong rose 20 yuan / ton, Fujian fell 20 yuan / ton, other areas stable. Tangshan billet straight hair weak, about 3020 low-cost storage transactions; steel down 10-20 light shipments, narrow band down after the transaction is weak, low-term operation. Afternoon Tangshan Pu billet chase back 90, the local part of the steel plant and Changli factory reported 2920, cash tax.
Domestic producer area market prices as a whole steady, in some areas steadily. Prices in some parts of North China are temporarily stable. Tangshan 66% dry basis tax cash factory 630-640 yuan / ton, Qianxi 66% dry basis tax cash out 620-630 yuan / ton, Qian'an 66% dry basis tax cash factory 630-640 yuan / ton; Zunhua 66% dry basis tax cash factory 620-630 yuan / ton; wide city 65% dry basis tax cash paid factory 560 yuan / ton; Luanping 63.5% vanadium and titanium powder dry base tax cash factory 542 yuan / ton.
Imported mineral market transactions deserted, the price of diving. The following is part of the port turnover Caofeidian Newman powder 510 yuan / ton, ultra-special powder 355 yuan / ton, ultra-special powder 350 yuan / ton, ultra-special powder 357 yuan / ton, Brazil block 530 yuan / ton; the following is the spot market Several varieties of specific inquiry offer price: Jingtang Gang powder 390 yuan / ton, Caofeidian Port PB powder 520 yuan / ton, Caofeidian Port PB powder 495 yuan / ton. Long-term spot: today offer positive, inquiry has improved.


Steel spot

Construction steel: Today's domestic construction steel prices fell sharply. Specific prices, the country's 25 major cities rebar average price of 3629 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day down 36 yuan / ton, which East China, North China, Southwest decline in the larger, South China, Northeast, Northwest and other weak Mainly. Specific market point of view, yesterday night to iron ore led the head of the black futures fell sharply today, the continuation of the decline in the variety of varieties, poor market sentiment, downstream procurement is watching the atmosphere is obvious. Intraday iron ore, hot volume and other major contracts have to limit, the day spot prices fell sharply. At present, the market confidence is suppressed, short-term demand or low run, is expected tomorrow, domestic construction steel continues to run weakly.

Hot rolled coil: Today the country's 24 major cities hot rolling prices fell sharply, the national average price of 3170 yuan / ton, the largest decline of 190 yuan / ton. Today, the domestic market prices fell sharply, mainly by the impact of financial markets, the period fell significantly, resulting in today's sharp downward. In the short term, the news of bad news of funds has emerged, the market demand is therefore in a state of stagnation. On the late look, the price shocks downward trend, short-term impact on the fundamentals is not large, and the price is still the main shock.
Plate: Today, the domestic plate market prices fell significantly. Today, the 23 major cities in the country plate price 3328 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day down 43 yuan / ton. Chengdu, Tianjin, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Harbin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming and Xi'an prices fell 20%, respectively, and the market price of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jinan, Hefei, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, 80 yuan / ton range. Today, the futures market plummeted, billet prices are also plummeting, the market panic spread, the market offer fell significantly, the overall turnover is relatively sluggish. Short-term market, mostly bullish, while some steel mills have lowered the intention of the offer, and further promote the price down. On the whole, the market was weakening in the short term, and it is expected that the market price will continue to fall weak today.
Cold rolled coil: Today, the national cold rolled prices fell sharply, especially the major market decline significantly, the market turnover bleak. Price: the cut-off, the country's 24 major cities cold rolling average price of 3785 yuan / ton, down 58 yuan / ton, which Shanghai 1.0mm Wuhan Iron and Steel price of 3570 yuan / ton, down 110 yuan / ton, Tianjin 1.0mm Anshan Iron and Steel price of 3550 yuan / ton, down 190 yuan / ton yesterday, Guangzhou 1.0mm Angang price of 3800 yuan / ton, down 30 yuan / ton yesterday. Market: the impact of the sharp decline in the electronic disk, the market spot prices fell a wave of waves took a wave, business mentality is poor, for the late market trend is relatively pessimistic. On the whole, today's national cold-rolled prices fell and are expected to remain weak tomorrow.
Profiles: Today's domestic steel market price consolidation is weak. The current market continues to hold steady mentality has been loose, most businesses in the actual transaction quotation there is a loose phenomenon, in addition to the weakening of the futures market, the downstream demand units are gradually turned to wait and see, in the case of poor turnover of the price or There may be continued to loose. On the other hand, most steel mills earlier this week, as the market price increases the ex-factory price, but after the market is loose only part of the steel down, so there is still some cost for the spot support. On the whole, it is expected that tomorrow's domestic steel market prices or slightly weakened.
Steel pipe: Today, the domestic market, pipe, galvanized pipe prices fell as a whole, seamless tube market stability and stability. Welded pipe 4-inch 3.75mm national average price of 3553 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day down 20 yuan / ton; galvanized pipe 4-inch 3.75mm national average price of 4191 yuan / ton, compared with the previous day down 15 yuan / Seamless pipe 219 * 6mm national average price of 4382 yuan / ton, the price was flat. Tube factory, Tianjin Friends of the fat, Jun-down 30 yuan / ton, LEADER down 40 yuan / ton; Linyi mainstream seamless tube factory price stability, hot-rolled base price of 3800 yuan / ton. Pipe, galvanized pipe market, today the domestic market to slightly down mainly traders in general, forced by sales pressure, business to ship the main, the majority of the market outlook bearish. Seamlessly, today's weak market transactions, traders low inventory, take the principle of fast-forward and fast. It is expected that tomorrow's market price of steel pipe will continue to be weak.


Futures: domestic black commodity futures as a whole fell sharply, of which the volume of the main contract closure, the remaining varieties fell sharply, the snail, the mine significantly lighten up. From the technical point of view, to snail, for example, today's substantial heavy volume to lighten up the giant Yinxian, fast breakdown of all moving average support, intraday minimum hit limit, slightly repair late, but MACD rally damage, weak filling. From 1 hour line point of view, intraday collection Yinxian, closing price away from the 60 moving average, MACD down the opening to expand and hit the zero-axis trend. Overall, today's heavy volume of giant cloud on the disk a huge impact, and significantly lighten up, is expected to continue to decline in the main disk. Spot market turnover in the doldrums, the price suffered heavy losses, prices fell significantly around the price. Recommended before the empty hold, the new empty cautious, control positions. (The above operation is for reference only!)