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Dalian Silver Mine is currently the Northeast Special Steel

Zhang Zhaogang, deputy director of the Dalian Banking Regulatory Bureau on May 4 at the banking industry routine briefing revealed that on October 10 last year, a supplier of northeast special steel as a creditor to the Dalian Intermediate Court filed a bankruptcy application. Bankruptcy application has been half a year later, in the six months time, the relevant departments in the provincial government under the lead, driven by the northeast special steel bankruptcy reorganization work is an orderly advance. In dealing with the risk of the Northeast Special Steel, the banking industry debt committee played the following four important role: First, the reaction in a timely manner, the second is unified action, the third is to reflect the appropriate appeal to the relevant departments, four is currently on the Northeast Special Steel Enterprise Normal production and operation of the maintenance of strong.
When talking about the total amount of foreign steel grant, Zhang Zhaogong introduced, the Northeast Special Steel as a business district in Dalian, a little special, especially the main embodiment of the Northeast Special Steel is located in Dalian, but its management authority In the province. So far, the northeastern special steel bank credit exposure is the total size of more than 440 billion, of which, Dalian area bank credit exposure is 22.1 billion. Risk identification, the Dalian area in addition to individual banking institutions, the majority of banks have the Northeast Special Steel credit into the non-performing loans for management.
Source: China Steel Online