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1. What time is the exhibition time? Where is the location?
The 11th Shanghai International Metal Sheet and Processing Equipment Exhibition  will be held at Shanghai • New International Expo Center from 20 to 22 November 2017. The specific schedule is as follows:
Exhibition and Report: November 18-21, 2017
Exhibition: November 20-21, 2017
Removal: November 22, 2017 14:00
Location: Shanghai • New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road)
2. What is the deadline for registration?
The deadline for registration is September 30, 2017
3. What is the specific content of the booth fee?
Booth costs (light,> = 36 square meters) include: site rental fees, free free marketing projects;
Standard booth fee (9 square meters) includes: site rental, electricity, construction costs and furniture costs (including: carpets, wall panels, negotiating tables, negotiating chairs, wastebasket, spotlights, sockets, fascia board), free Marketing projects;
In addition to exhibitors at the exhibition site for the exhibitors to provide booths, will also be in the exhibition, exhibition and after the show to provide thoughtful and meticulous marketing and audience services.
4. What is the principle of selecting the booth?
The organizer arranges the exhibitor to select the booth according to the following principles:
Principle 1: according to product category and exhibition area;
Principle 2: first come first served, in accordance with the application to pay the table and pay the order of the deposit fee;
Principle 3: according to the exhibition area;
Principle 4: Other requirements of exhibitors.